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Book Review ~ 'Sisters in Love (Snow Sisters #1)' by Melissa Foster!

Sisters in Love (Snow Sisters #1) by Melissa Foster

'Sisters in Love (Snow Sisters #1)' by Melissa Foster.


I was given an ARC of 'Sisters in Love' in exchange for an honest review.

'Sisters in Love' arrived to me just when I needed it. Alone in the house and feeling a bit lonely, I was in desperate need of a good distraction. 'Sisters in Love' was the perfect book!

I connected straight away to the characters and absolutely loved Melissa Foster's writing style. Her descriptions of the busy tourist town and the annoyance of the people who live there at the disruption to their morning coffee collection routine was great and made me as a reader nod along at the realistic day-to-day annoyances we all face (especially now that I have just started working in a coffee shop, so see the annoyance on people's faces when I am taking too long learning the till and they tap their feet at me impatiently!)

One of the lead females Danika was a real breath of fresh air, and really easy to relate to. I loved how close she was to her sister and how she let her make her own choices even when she had her own opinions. It was great to see her give Kaylie unprejudiced, therapeutic advice just as she would to her patients. It also gave me a real sense of sadness to see how brilliantly Danika was at giving other people sound advice, yet she struggles with taking the same advice herself.

Blake was a great character and one of my favourite things about this book was following his journey of self-discovery and his development as both a friend and a man. The pacing of the novel was perfect, without making the storyline, or the formation of characters and relationships seeming too rushed or too slow.

Melissa Foster's writing style really spoke to me, as it holds a realistic tone, and accepts the day-to-day troubles people have to go through as a given part of life. I loved the developments that the characters go through and I really enjoyed reading the start to their story, and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

5 Stars and a definite recommended read!




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