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Book Review – ‘Of Water and Madness (Dryad Quartet #4)’ by Katie Jennings

Book Review – ‘Of Water and Madness (Dryad Quartet #4)’ by Katie Jennings ~ 6 Stars!
Here I am again, struggling to express just how much I loved this book, this series, and all the characters that have been shaped so wonderfully.
As I returned to the world of Euphora for its last story, I felt both emotional and desperately sad. Emotional for having witnessed the amazing journeys these characters have gone through, and sad that their stories were drawing to a close.
‘Of Water and Madness’ tells Liam’s story as a Water Dryad. Since reading Rhiannon’s story in ‘A Life Earthbound’ I’ve been eagerly awaiting reading Liam’s point of view on their relationship.
Liam’s story is both as witty and clever as I’d expected. His desire to have fun and be a good, hard working Dryad is commendable and I loved the influence his ‘happy go lucky’ personality had on Rhiannon, as we see her further blossoming though Liam’s love and devotion.
The way all of the Dryad’s were now closer, especially Blythe and Rhiannon, despite their still sceptical attitudes towards each other was heart-warming, as I’ve been hoping for a reunion between the dryads without past grievances and issues getting in their way. Blythe looking out for Rhiannon during Capri’s wedding and calling her ‘honey’ had me tearful and so happy despite the reason that Blythe’s comfort was necessary.

Liam’s story in this book broke my heart. To see him become nothing more than a puppet through dark magic, yet still fighting in his mind for Rhiannon was beautifully written. I was so connected to Rhiannon’s character that I felt her pain as my own and felt angry at Thea for not taking Liam’s out of character behaviour more seriously.

It is a credit to Katie Jennings as a writer that she can make me feel so many emotions all at once, something that I haven’t experienced since reading each Harry Potter book for the first time.

The conclusion to this story was brilliantly written as the awaited battle finally arrives, and despite the formation of cliques among the inhabitants of Euphora, and the bitter rivalries that have been forged, all of the characters fight as one for each other and for their home. It was brilliant to see characters who hated each other take arms and fight together.

Without giving too much away, I especially loved reading further about Capri and Rian, whose relationship is so beautiful and devoted that I now hold out hope for my own Rian.

All I can say now is how grateful I am to the author for taking me on such an incredibly beautiful, emotional and fantastical journey which I know will be a part of me forever. ‘Of Water and Madness’ was such a beautiful conclusion to the Dryad Quartet and reading Liam’s story was just as brilliant as I hoped it would be!

6 Stars and if you haven’t read this series yet, what are you waiting for?

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