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Book Review – ‘Killing Sarai’ by J.A. Redmerski

Book Review – ‘Killing Sarai’ by J.A. Redmerski ~ 5 Stars
I’ve spent the last few hours since I finished this book struggling to write a review, as all I seem to be typing is ‘wow’. ‘Killing Sarai’ is a phenomenal book, and is one of those stories that has you on tenterhooks from beginning to end.

I’m not usually one for gangster/mob type stories, and have only recently begun to really enjoy this type of genre, and I am so glad that I have branched out to reading this type of story, otherwise I’d never have read this incredible book.

I loved how the characters were depicted in this book, especially since in a lot of these types of books, the hero tends to be a bit romanticised. I loved that there were no false impressions given of the characters. Nobody apologised for who they were, or tried to make excuses for their behaviour, they accepted their load in life and got on with it, and this was such a refreshing change, and really made me connect to the characters so easily.

The development of the characters in this book, in particular Sarai, was stunning to read. There was a real transition between the girl we see at the beginning of the book, and the more hardened girl who we see at the end. I loved that there was a real question that resonated within me as a reader as to the question of nature versus nurture. By having witnessed all of the things that they have in their lives, does this mean that there is no hope for Sarai and Victor to leave this life behind them, or are they permanently scarred by their experiences.

The way the importance of family runs through the story and between the characters was a beautiful addition to a wonderful love story. We question whether the bond between brothers is stronger than the bond between a man and a woman he has sworn to himself to protect. Niklas’ character was one that I imagine a lot of people will dislike, but I instead found myself sympathising with him, despite being afraid of his actions. Sarai has never had a proper family, and has grown up only with those who she has then lost. For Victor and Niklas, through all the losses in their lives, they have always stood by each other, even when they had to stand against powerful people to do so. Their loyalty and devotion to each other was beautiful and I really admired Sarai for telling Victor that she wished she had a similar sibling relationship.

Overall this was an amazing novel, that really question’s what to be innocent is. A heartwarming and heartbreaking story of love, loss, betrayal and destiny.

5 Stars.

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