Monday, 12 August 2013

Book Review – ‘Keep Me Still’ by Caisey Quinn

Book Review – ‘Keep Me Still’ by Caisey Quinn ~ 5 Stars!

‘Keep Me Still’ was a wonderful, fun, emotional and heartfelt story that deals with very real issues that captivated me from the start, so much so that I read it all in one sitting! I loved the prequel ‘Let You Leave’ in this special edition ebook as it really helped me to connect with and understand the characters before we see them reunited in ‘Keep Me Still.’

I adored Landon and Layla together. Their journey was a tough one, with real life becoming a big cloud over their relationship. Whilst they love each other desperately, old insecurities get in the way and they have to find their way through them to get their happy ending. The emotion that Caisey Quinn put into this story seeped off the page and it was beautiful to read. Layla’s desperation to keep herself unattached and making her way through life with as little fuss as possible really makes the reader think about people who have these medical problems and how hard they have to work to get through the day, even if it may not be obvious to see. I adored Landon’s devoted attention to Layla and that he doesn’t see her as a project to be fixed, but as the woman that he loves.

The connection Layla and Landon shared had me tearing up. I loved how close they were, and that their relationship was made so much stronger by the friendship they shared before they got together. Some of my favourite scenes were when Layla gives a small, shy smile at something Landon says or does, showing that she almost can’t believe her luck.

This was a gorgeous story, and I can’t wait to read the next novella and to see where Landon and Layla’s story takes them.

5 Stars with a cherry on top!

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