Friday, 9 August 2013

Book Review – ‘A Different Blue’ by Amy Harmon

Book Review – ‘A Different Blue’ by Amy Harmon ~ 5 Stars.

It’s taken me over two months to be able to write a review for this book, because it was so phenomenal, so brilliantly written, with a story that put me through an emotional ringer, and I really don’t feel like any review I give will do this masterpiece justice. But here were go.

It feels a shame that five stars is the limit because this book deserved so much more than that.

‘A Different Blue’ tells the story of young Blue Echohawk who doesn’t know who she is. She doesn’t know who her parents are, doesn’t know where she was born, and doesn’t even know her name. Whilst this idea could have been a bit cliche, with a girl having to make her own story, there was nothing cheesy about the way this book was written, or how the story was approached, it was truly nothing short of spectacularly beautiful.

Blue’s relationship with her teacher Will is one that we all wish a teacher would have with us. To be supportive, fair and there for you when you needed help even if there was nothing in it for them. Unfortunately, all too many teenagers these days don’t have respect for their teachers, or the other way around, so this was wonderfully refreshing to see how Will didn’t give up on Blue even when she did everything she could to make him leave her alone.

There isn’t a lot that I can say in this review as I want to keep it spoiler free so that everyone who decides to read it will take the same emotional and incredibly moving journey that I took, but I will just say that this book has made me view so many things in such a different light, and I am so glad that I downloaded it. It is a stunningly beautiful and heartbreaking tale of a girl who struggles to find out who she is, with the bumps along the way proving to her that she is stronger than she ever knew and that sometimes it is OK to lean on somebody else. The development of her relationship with Wilson was one of the most beautiful that I have read, and this story will stay with me forever.
There’s a few lines in the book that I really want to acknowledge, but they will definitely give away a huge part of the storyline that came really unexpected. So if you haven’t yet read this book and don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now.
“Just a little more, Blue,” the doctor urged. But I was too tired. I didn’t want to think I could do it. It hurt too much. I wanted to float away.
“I can’t,” I croaked. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t.
“You’re the bravest person I know, Blue,” Wilson whispered into my hair. His hands cradling my face. “Did I ever tell you how beautiful I think you are? You’re almost there. I will help you. Hold on to me. It’s going to be all right.”
“If I see her… I don’t know if I will be able to let her go. I’m afraid if I hold my baby, I won’t be able to let her go.”
For me, this was the most memorable line in the book. I can’t remember the last time I felt a character’s pain so intensely, their every emotion dripping off the page. I sobbed, I bawled, I whimpered. This is a a prime example of fantastic, stunning storytelling.
5 Stars and a definite recommended read.

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