Monday, 17 June 2013

Book Review – ‘Down London Road (On Dublin Street #2)’ by Samantha Young.

Book Review – ‘Down London Road (On Dublin Street #2)’ by Samantha Young.

Another fantabulous book in the ‘On Dublin Street’ verse, and another 5 amazing brilliant stars! The writing was, as always, technically flawless, and the writing style was beautiful and heartfelt, which always helps me to see the characters as real people rather than just characters on a page. This is something that Samantha Young’s writing always brings to me.

In ‘Down London Road’ some brilliant characters are introduced  that I really connected to. I loved reading about Jo and her parental protectiveness of her younger brother Cole, as it really added another dimension to the story that I was so excited to read. I really loved seeing how protective Jo was of him and how her whole life and the choices she makes revolve around her looking after her brother and making his future as secure as she can. Jo’s storyline brilliantly highlights the importance of not judging people by first impressions. When I realised that the main character of ‘Down London Road’ Johanna Walker was in fact the same girl who blatantly threw herself at Braden in ‘On Dublin Street’, I was a little bit worried about whether I’d connect to her character. My love for Braden and Joss as a couple had me cautious to see one of Braden’s other admirers close up. I really shouldn’t have worried as I connected so deeply to Jo’s character, and within the first few pages I was shown a whole other side to her character which you realise she had hidden in the past, and her story was written with such grace that I felt like I was experiencing every emotion of Jo’s as I read her story.

Cam was the perfect match for Jo. I loved the development of his and Jo’s relationship, as in some ways, it started in the same way that the reader’s relationship with Jo started. We had first impressions of her that were proved to be nothing but false, and Cam held the same bad opinion of Jo from their first encounter, which he held on to like a dog with a bone out of loyalty for his Uncle who had been whisked away from him by another gold digger woman. The development of Jo and Cam’s relationship was wonderful as it really coincided beautifully with Cam beginning to see just how different Jo was to what he expected and he also became closer to Cole. Whilst Cam couldn’t quite replace Braden in my heart, I absolutely reading his and Jo’s story, and it was made all the better by the little glimpses we see from Jo of how important Joss and Braden are to her, and how they are all there for each other when they need each other.

I’m always stunned by Samantha Young’s heartfelt writing, and I can’t recommend this book enough. A wonderful read and five dazzling shiny stars.

‘Down London Road’ is the second book in the ‘On Dublin Street’ verse and both are available in both Paperback and on Kindle. 

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