Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Book Review – ‘Bed, Breakfast, and You (Brookfield Series #0.5) by Lacey Wolfe.


Book Review – ‘Bed, Breakfast, and You (Brookfield Series #0.5) by Lacey Wolfe ~ 3.5 Stars.

This was a nice quick read, that had me wanting to read the books that follow on from it. At first I had some issues with the writing style as the sentences seemed very short and clipped, with little elaboration or description and the author seemed to rely a lot more on showing, rather than telling, however this improved greatly as the book progressed.

I liked the storyline and the relationship between the two main characters, and I loved how dedicated Claire was to opening her parents bed and breakfast and making the best of it as a business after their death. I also liked the development of Claire and Jace’s relationship, often laughing out loud at some of their inner monologues, especially when Claire was in denial as to her true feelings for Jace. I liked seeing Claire’s confusion at the jealousy she felt for Jace’s other secretary and the silent war the two had over bringing him lunch and coffee.

What made me give this a 3 star rating over 4 stars was the number of typos in the book. It isn’t a long book at all, and I think that had the author held fire with publishing and instead given it another read-through and edit, then these errors could have been nipped in the bud. However, it was a good and fun read, and I’d definitely read more from this author. So overall I’d say 3.5 stars.

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