Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Book Review - 'Back to You' by Natalie-Nicole Bates.

Back to You by Anna Nicole Bates

Book Review - 'Back to You' by Natalie-Nicole Bates ~ 3.5 - 4 Stars!

This was a fun, quick read that I really enjoyed. I always like stories where we see characters reunite after years apart and have to come to terms with the decisions they made in the past and how they can overcome their problems to start fresh. This was a wonderful story that not only showed the relationship between childhood one-time lovers, but also the relationships that they have with their family and childhood friends which was lovely to see.

This book started off really well, and I liked seeing how the characters developed from the start to finish. I also really enjoyed being given information into what the characters relationships were like when they were younger, gradually, almost as though we were slowly given pieces to the puzzle that was their past. But whilst the first two thirds of the book were well written with good solid storytelling, I felt a bit let down by the last third as I felt the end of the story was rushed in order for it to fit a lower word count. I didn't feel like there was closure for all of the issues that had arisen in the story, and there were some characters that I would have liked to have seen how their story ended, particularly Suzy's who I felt didn't get the ending she deserved.

There was also the issue where Lynsey felt that Nick wasn't a particularly experienced lover, and planned to teach him herself, but then this wasn't addressed as Nick suddenly seemed to have higher standards in the next few chapters.

However, overall this was a good, fun quick read, that you can while away an evening with if you're looking for a teensy bit of angst and a happy ever after. I'd give it a solid 3.5 - 4 Stars.

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