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Book Review - 'A Place Called Here' by Cecelia Ahern.

Book Review - 'A Place Called Here' by Cecelia Ahern.
I always struggle to get into books by Cecelia Ahern, mainly because of the very tragically realistic personalities she gives to her characters, making them not unlikeable, but not really someone who's morals and behaviour you'd necessarily connect to. But knowing this, I pressed on, and am so glad I did, as the treasure that is this story soon arrived.

This story, speaks in some way, to everyone. Don't we all always wonder where things go when you can't find them? Maybe it annoys you for a little while, and then you just sigh and accept that you probably left in somewhere else. But what would it be like if you couldn't just let go?

This book not only brings in an element of fantasy, but it cleverly deals with harsh real life issues despite its disguise within a fantasy storyline. People go missing, and whilst we may be able to accept that we have lost a pencil or a sock, people whose family members or friends have gone missing never have that closure, and reading the chapters where we see the family left behind, and their attempt to move on in life was heartbreaking.

I also liked Jack Ruttle's storyline and it was wonderful to see how his story entwined with Sandy's experiences with those who had gone missing in their new home. Whilst their families at home cannot move on without closure, the missing persons accepted that they had to move on and make a new life for themselves.

I also loved the imagery of the porch light being turned on as a way to guide lost ones home, and it made me realise that despite this being a work of fiction, this happens around the world everyday.

Moving on to the storyline, I loved how the story wasn't obvious from the blurb. When I started the book, from reading the blurb I was prepared for Sandy and Jack to end up together, but from the first few chapters I knew that I couldn't have been more wrong. I loved Sandy's romantic storyline with her school counsellor Gregory and how her obsession with knowing where lost items go impacts their relationship. It is a brilliant link to real life, where OCD affects not only those with the condition, but those around them too. I loved how Sandy was determined to keep going to the OCD classes, so that she felt like she deserved being with Gregory.

A wonderful heartwarming story which really touched me. I definitely recommend reading, and I although I found it difficult to get into at the beginning, I loved this story and it is definitely one of my favourites of Ceceila Ahern's

5 Stars!

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