Thursday, 16 May 2013

Book Review - 'On Demand' by Justine Elyot.

Book Review – ‘On Demand’ by Justine Elyot ~ 3 – 3.5 Stars.

I had read so many good reviews for this book and was really excited to read it as it had an average rating of 4.02 stars on Goodreads, and everyone was raving about it. Maybe it was because of the high expectations I had for this book that made it not quite reach the mark. It’s difficult for me to describe what I thought about this book. There was nothing wrong with it per se, as it was a well written fun read, that was just what it said on the tin. The author’s writing style was good and I liked how the little glimpses we were given into not just the main character Sophie’s life, but some of the guests at the hotel.

However, it might have been just me, but I felt the story didn’t flow so well, as the story constantly jumped from describing the lifestyle of one character to another which left me unable to connect to any of the characters as they were only met briefly. As this was a book set in a hotel, I can understand that it might have been the author’s intention to do this, to emphasise the ever busy and changing hotel lifestyle, but for me I felt this detracted from the main characters and their own inner thoughts.

The main character Sophie has an infatuation with her manager Chase and whilst she does end the book happily with another man, I didn’t feel that Sophie’s feelings for Chase were resolved. Neither was there any indication given on what Chase thought of Sophie. I thought the relationship between Sophie and Lloyd seemed quite rushed and very out of place as there wasn’t any lead up to it, in fact I hardly recall Lloyd even being mentioned in any important context before the group night at the pool. A bigger build up of their relationship would have probably drawn me into the story more easily, as well as making me sympathise with Lloyd more and not feel like Sophie ended up with the consolation prize because Chase didn’t want her.

Despite this, I thought it was a well written, intriguing story that I would recommend to others who enjoy this genre of book.

I’d definitely read from this author again as her writing style was great, but due to the problems I felt it had with story flow and the way the characters stories were not resolved, I couldn’t quite give it 4 stars.

3 – 3.5 stars.

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