Thursday, 16 May 2013

Book Review - 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins.


Book Review - 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins ~ 5 Stars!

So when everyone was getting all excited for the release of 'The Hunger Games' film, I was sitting there thinking 'OH GOD NO!'. From what I heard it was going to be the 'New Twilight', and quite frankly, I couldn't think of anything worse. Whilst the Twilight books were quite good, the films were the worst things I had ever seen in my life, and I couldn't bare to think of another seemingly good book go down the drain.

But anyway, a friend bullied me into it, and I downloaded Hunger Games on my kindle.
It was devoured in the space of 24 hours and then Catching Fire and Mockingjay were immediately downloaded and yet again devoured in the space of 48 hours.

Suzanne Collins' writing style is electric, and I honestly could not put this book down. What I loved most is that Katniss is not your typical heroine. She isn't a particularly nice person when it gets down to it. She is loyal to her family, and to her that is all that is important, which is a wonderful trait for her to have, particularly given the dangerous and poverty stricken life she lives.

Peeta was a wonderful character that I took to straight away. Whilst it is probably true that Gale would be better suited to Katniss in temperament, I really loved how strongly Peeta felt for Katniss, and how he was willing to give up his life to keep her safe. They were complete opposites, but they seemed to fit perfectly, like two sides of a coin. Katniss' returning feelings for Peeta were wonderful to read, as we know that she does not love him in the same way, yet that is OK. We know that Katniss would never fall in love easily. She is too stubborn and level-headed to believe that love would help her in any way, so it was wonderful for her to realise that love does exist and that maybe she could one day be capable of giving it.

The story of the capitol and the games was tragic. It gives us a reminder at just what the future could hold for the planet, should repression of rights continue as it is in some countries. How far will the leaders of the world go in a bid to maintain order? A thoughtful and quite frankly scary idea, but so cleverly put into writing.

5 stars and a definite recommended read!

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