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Book Review - 'Firefight in Darkness (Dryad Quartet #2)' by Katie Jennings.

Book Review – ‘Firefight in Darkness (Dryad Quartet #2)’ by Katie Jennings ~ 5 Stars!

Firefight in Darkness’ is the second book in the Dryad Quartet, and is another wonderful piece of art that I find it hard to express just how much I loved it!
I loved reading from Blythe’s point of view, and it was such a dramatic change from Capri’s sweet and innocent narrative in ‘Breath of Air’, that I’m very impressed with how Katie Jennings managed to switch between the two narratives so flawlessly. I loved the differences in how I connected to the characters when switching to Blythe’s view point, and it was refreshing to have the feeling that Blythe is not always right, where with Capri it was easy to see the logic behind her every decision. Instead, Blythe is fiery, demanding and stubborn, and it was great fun to see how she clashed with Jax with her tendency to run into a situation head first without thinking about the consequences.

It also broke my heart to see how Blythe thought of Rhiannon. I loved Rhiannon’s sensitive but lonely character in ‘Breath of Air’, and I found it desperately sad to see how she is shunned by Blythe, through no real fault of her own. I can’t wait to read more about Rhiannon’s character and her story in the third book of the Dryad Quartet.

This story was brilliantly timed, and didn’t rush into the action. We were given time to get an idea of how Blythe thinks and feels, and the desire she has to escape from her problems on Euphora. In many books this stage of storytelling tends to be rushed, but it was perfectly balanced in this story, as I came to really sympathise with Blythe having seen how hard it was for her on Euphora since Brock’s return.

Jax was the perfect hero for this story. Whilst Rian still remains by favourite ever book boyfriend, Jax was perfectly matched for Blythe and I loved that he was good friends with Rian, which was a brilliant device to give Blythe some much needed girl time with Capri. Capri’s excitement at Blythe’s romantic life was brilliant and so true to real life, and I loved how the romantic Capri began to make her friend less cynical, as Blythe finally comes to realise that being in love doesn’t make you a lesser person. The image of Jax and Blythe spending evenings on the porch of his house with Dog, Cooper, for company was heart warming.

I also liked seeing how Capri has grown in this book, becoming more confident in herself, no doubt through help from Rian *sigh* Oh how I love him. Her helping in the final battle by creating a storm was badass and great!

What struck me most with this book was Bristol’s storyline, as told through her diary. It was desperately sad to see how she had been used by two men in her life, and then banished from Euphora, and I felt instantly bad for all the bad things I’d thought about her previously. It was a genius plot device when we see what really happened in the alleyway the night of the raid, and it really hits home in reminding us that not everyone is what they seem, and we should not judge people before we have the whole story.

Yet again I am awestruck by the beautiful world that Katie Jennings has created in her Dryad Quartet, and it is honestly a world that will stay with me forever. 5 Stars!

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