Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Book Review - 'Awaken' by Jaime Guerard.


Book Review - 'Awaken' by Jaime Guerard ~ 5 Stars!

Wow! What an incredible read! The storyline was fascinating and I really connected to the characters (especially Collin #TeamCollin fangirl right here).

Jaime Guerard's writing style was electric and I found myself reading for hours at a time before realising it was about 3am. Bre was a wonderfully complex character, and from the start I found myself wanting the best for her, first when it came to her relationship with Josh and then when it came down to her wanting to spare the feelings of Austin when she fell in love with his brother.

The characters had amazing depth and I loved seeing how their relationships with each other formed. The relationship that Bre had with Austin was beautifully written and I felt so heartbroken for Bre that she was caught in the middle of two men who she really loved. Austin had been there for her after she'd broken up with her boyfriend, and showed her that she deserved to be treated better in life, and their friendship was so strong that I felt bereft knowing I don't have a friend who I am so close to. That Austin believed Bre, even when any sane person probably wouldn't believe that she could see the future before it happened, was something that really strengthened their bond. However, when the story began to suggest that Austin and Bre should be together, I couldn't identify why that made me feel awkward. When Collin arrived however, I really began to see that whilst I love Austin, and his relationship with Bre, I saw him more as a brother and confidante, and couldn't really see the two of them in a romantic relationship.

Collin was a great character and when he first arrived in the book I immediately felt that with him Bre could reach her full potential. Whilst with Austin she would be safe and happy, with Collin she could reach for the stars so to speak.

The character of Eve was one that really drew me in. I loved the way her storyline added in a psychological thrill to the mystery Bre was trying to unravel, and I can't wait to see more of her character in the next book.

The last book that I became so engrossed in the drama action scenes was 'The Hunger Games' and I can only compare my feelings when reading 'Awaken's' car-chase scene with the thrill and adrenaline that I had whilst reading 'The Hunger Games' action sequences. I was literally on the edge of my seat, and everytime the car bumped, I'd tense up as though I too was in the car. Extroadinary story telling!

Overall, this was a fantastic debut, and I can't wait until the next book is released as 'Awaken' had an evil cliffhanger!

5 stars and a definite recommended read.

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