Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Brief Review: 'Silk and Steel' by Catherine King.

Brief Book Review: ‘Silk and Steel’ by Catherine King ~ 4.5 stars!

I’ve had this book of my shelf for years and have only just gotten around to reading it, and I can’t express how annoyed I am at myself for not reading it sooner.

Silk and Steel is a brilliantly written book. The storyline was gripping and had me hooked. However, what I loved most was the wide range of different characters we were introduced to throughout the story, and as well as getting the main heroine, Mariah’s views on them, King expertly switched to different characters view points, allowing us into the minds of the characters, that without this insight we would hate without knowing the full reasoning behind their feelings and actions. Even the most wicked of characters were shown to be human, and I loved it.

The only reason I couldn’t quite give this book 5 stars is that at occasional intervals in the novel, language occasionally slipped into modern tongue in comparison to the language used in that time in history. Mariah’s description of a suitor as ‘creepy’ jolted me from the era of the story so I lost the flow of the story occassionally.

But nevertheless, this was a brilliant read and I definitely recommend to those who enjoy historical romance packed with angst and intrigue.

4.5 stars.

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