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Book Review - 'The Witch's Curse' by David James.





The Witch's Curse by David James

(Legend of the Dreamer #0.5)

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy.




Before Kate met Calum in Light of the Moon, Magda met Samuel.

Magda cannot stop her heart from running rampant with the beating drum of love. Whenever her eyes find Samuel, she can feel the pull of strings so vividly alive against her heart. But for Magda, love goes against fate; her destiny as a witch forbids her to need anything but the dark binds of magic. Soon, the witch’s curse begins to call to Magda. To deny her love for Samuel would be unthinkable, but to defy her destiny would be impossible. Before the curse can consume her, Magda must decide between Samuel and destiny, and her heart may beat too savagely for anyone to stop.




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Book Review - 'The Witch's Curse' by David James ~ 5 Stars!

“The stars shine so brightly before they die, Magda. And even after they blink away, we can still see them. Stars don’t fade like people do. In ways, they are forever pieces of an infinite sky. We are the same, Magda. You are my star, and I am yours. There might be a piece of our forever that we cannot see, but we must believe it’s there, waiting at the end.”

The Witch’s Curse is a beautifully written, and powerful story that I know will stay with me forever.  A brilliant prequel to ‘Light of the Moon’ we see how the knowledge of fate and destiny can stand in the way of unbreakable love, and how not all lovers get their happy ending.

David James’ description of dark and light is inspiring, as we are reminded that all darkness has a light, and that in light, darkness always lurks beneath. This gives us hope that although Magda chose her path as a Witch she will still always remember that she is capable of love. Even as Magda began to descend into darkness, I loved how she still held hope that the next girl fated with Violet eyes would be stronger in the face of her destiny.

The story raises questions as to how much we can fight against destiny, and whether destiny is ever a real question. We see how Magda is raised with the belief that love and blood magic can never be mixed. A fact that is ingrained in her by her mother. It makes us question whether Magda would ever have been able to escape her destiny when any other path hadn’t been shown to her? What if her Father had stood by her Mother when he’d realised her fate? Would her Mother have still told her daughter that love was not possible?

A heartbreaking tale, we are left wondering whether Magda would have been able to escape her destiny if she’d tried.

A beautiful tale of destiny, love and heartbreak, that you can tell is written from the heart. 5 Stars and a definite recommended read.



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