Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Talk it through...

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the long delay in updating. Although I told myself I’d make time to update my writing blog whilst I’m at uni, I’m afraid that was easier said than done. It seems I forgot just how much work there is to do *sigh*.

After skyping my Mum last night, I finally realised how excited she is about the fact that I’d like to become a published author one day. Our conversation consisted of her squealing with excitement when I told her that I’ve finally broken through the writers block I’ve had with my novel for two years, and she immediately asked if I need any more books on the Victorian era to continue my background research. Unfortunately I had to decline the offer, as I have far too much reading for University waiting in a pile on my desk without me being tempted away by far more interesting reading ;) .

My Mum has probably heard more about this novel than anyone, and after the amount of complaining I’ve been doing for the past two years when the characters, storyline and history refused to cooperate, I’m surprised she still wants to hear any more about it. But no, instead she listened attentively when I tried to explain my new storyline, and felt relieved as she told me that she honestly thought it was a much better way of approaching the story and seemed much more realistic.

So anyway, the point of this rant is to find someone to talk through your ideas with. I can never discuss my ideas with other authors, having always felt the need to protect my story fiercely against anyone who could very easily write the same idea much better than me, but it can always help to talk through the thoughts in your head, and if you can find someone you trust to do that, I find it a really useful tool.

See you all soon :)

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